“This can’t be my life. I should be rocking on a porch without a care in the world.”

But it didn’t turn out that way for the Baby Boomers who lost it all in the economic collapse of 2008. As the middle class in American disappeared, they became renegades, fugitives on the lam.

Based on a true story, a 60-year-old realtor escapes her destruction and flees to Mexico in a rusty pickup. San Miguel de Allende awaits, a city of cascading flowers and cobblestone streets.

She’s a woman on the run, aided by the wisdom of Sanjuro, a Samurai action hero. Learning to live again, she encounters the devastating beauty of Mexico, an old burro named Abuela and the strength of women who have survived.

“It’s Eat Pray Love with middle-aged grit. This one stings exquisitely.”

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