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In a suicide pact to escape their parents, a young girl leads her two brothers into raging waters.
Catapulted out and half-dead, they make their way to New Orleans, hiding and carving out resourceful lives with the help of blind old Miss Tulie. As the shifting of the magnetic poles begins to transform the world, the future rushes forward with strange and unforeseen consequences.

“A courageous runaway survival story.”
“A tale of heart-rending adventure and science fiction.”


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First trek up the mountain
Dodging snow banks
Assessing winter’s toll

Observing exposed undulations
Curves and formations
Hidden when the aspen leaves
Come on

No sign of the bear
I know she’s gone
One of three highway-killed
Last summer

The marks of her cubs
Scored into the bark
A forever reminder
Of when the bear lived here

She looks good, the mountain
I am her guardian and she is mine
Reverence at spring thaw
Devotion steadfast and abiding

Birdsong and tender shoots
White shafts of the aspen
Standing at ready
Turning to spring at alpine

Waiting and ready



Hot tea and lemon
Before the sun comes up
Resetting my mind to
Poetry mode

Because I like it there
It brings me peace
Solace in the day

I don’t want to
Live in prose anymore
It hasn’t worked

It’s left me stiff
And anguished
I choose poetry
Though few others do

I want the magic hours
At sunrise, sunset
I want the words
Sparse and pristine

I want to start
Each morning with

Fire cracking in the stove
And hot tea
In my belly


Another New Book!

A road trip, memories, grief and the devastating beauty of Wyoming unfold across the pages of this poetic biography of Gwynne Gates Cosgriff, who died in 2015 with her beloved Snoozy Bear in her arms. The silencing of Gwynne’s scintillating laugh and boisterous spirit ripped a hole in the fabric of the universe for the author and everyone touched by her enchanting joy.

You will be
Sitting on a stool
In the kitchen corner
By the stove

“A gorgeous ode to an extraordinary woman. The photographs are captivating. A keepsake to treasure.”

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New Book Release

“This can’t be my life. I should be rocking on a porch without a care in the world.”

But it didn’t turn out that way for the Baby Boomers who lost it all in the economic collapse of 2008. As the middle class in American disappeared, they became renegades, fugitives on the lam.

Based on a true story, a 60-year-old realtor escapes her destruction and flees to Mexico in a rusty pickup. San Miguel de Allende awaits, a city of cascading flowers and cobblestone streets.

She’s a woman on the run, aided by the wisdom of Sanjuro, a Samurai action hero. Learning to live again, she encounters the devastating beauty of Mexico, an old burro named Abuela and the strength of women who have survived.

“It’s Eat Pray Love with middle-aged grit. This one stings exquisitely.”

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