Poetry Books

Never More Beautiful

“Eyes closed
I am
Surrounded by fire
I can smell the smoke
And I know it’s there
Creating its own weather
Leveling the playing field
Dancing at whim
Teasing and feinting
Enraptured by its own elusive power
Tangling and twisting
Making love to chaos”
Richly-textured poems reflecting torrid love and loss.   Written by a hot-blooded mountain woman, each piece is beautifully written and deeply felt.  “Packed with sensuous longing.”  Buy Never More Beautiful on Amazon.
Loving the Cowboy
“He strides into my life
All boots and hat
And attitude
Feeling like home
Feeling like fresh air”
Poems from the heart–sexy, raw and unvarnished.  Knock-your-socks-off sensuality lights it up, following the arc of a relationship that is hot, intense and crazy.  “This is some bare-knuckled stuff.”
Buy Loving the Cowboy on Amazon
RScoverRansoming Summer
“That kind of day.” So begins another masterful cluster of poetry and photographs by Carol Bellhouse in her sixth book of verse. Leaves change from green to gold as winter approaches in a Rocky Mountain August. The pages dance with childhood freckles, squeaky screen doors and pale sunlight. “Carol hits it out of the park one more time.” “Breathtaking images and stunning wordplay.”

Buy Ransoming Summer on Amazon
Cloud Shadow
Intensely intimate verse about a life in the Rockies, Cloud Shadow explores the aftermath of a lover’s death. Lost and lovely, joyous and angry, this is poetry at its most passionate and powerful. “Signature poetry. Beautifully written.” “Spectacular imagery.”
Buy Cloud Shadow on Amazon
Lavish Kisses at Midnight
“Falling dangerously
In love
Always and every time
The only way I know”Carol’s poetry vibrates with the colors of joy and the scent of sorrow. In her seventh collection of free verse, winter is in the air. The words and photography of the season flow together in a current of icing crystals.

“Like reading a dream sequence. Powerful writing—dynamic and inspired.”

“There is breath to this work. I savored every line!”

“I stepped into this book and was swept away…Impelling.”

Buy Lavish Kisses at Midnight on Amazon
PFNMcoverPoems for New Mexico
Intensely handled, this collection of poetry and photographs is vivid and powerful. The author takes us on a consuming voyage across New Mexico and across time. “Wow. Beautiful.” “I know those clouds.” “Lovely. Carol’s ability to go from the sublime to the mundane and ridiculous is absolutely fabulous.”
Buy Poems for New Mexico on Amazon
BTTcoverBetween the Tracks
Lush and passionate, these are haunting images of high peaks, ardor and heartache. Poems from the mountains of Colorado written in the summer of 2013, with photographs by the author.“I was seduced by the lavishness…”

“Another sexy collection from Carol Bellhouse.”

“This is great stuff: Snowmelt washing winter’s dust through icy ravines, you tangle my hair in your fist and kiss me full on the mouth.”

Buy Between the Tracks on Amazon
“She cries by a
Crimson tree
Blood red
The color of
Her stroke”Full-hearted and intimate, Carol tells the story of a last visit to an aging parent and the land of her ancestry. The verses are personal and universal, accompanied by the author’s stunning photographs.

“Bracing and complex…”

Pulsing with larger-than-life imagery.”

“Touched me deeply.”

Buy Ontario on Amazon
Gwynne_Cover_for_Kindle (2)Gwynne
A road trip, memories, grief and the devastating beauty of Wyoming unfold across the pages of this poetic biography of Gwynne Gates Cosgriff, who died in 2015 with her beloved Snoozy Bear in her arms. The silencing of Gwynne’s scintillating laugh and boisterous spirit ripped a hole in the fabric of the universe for the author and everyone touched by her enchanting joy.

You will be
Sitting on a stool
In the kitchen corner
By the stove

“A gorgeous ode to an extraordinary woman. The photographs are captivating. A keepsake to treasure.”    Buy on Amazon

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