FD1coverFire Drifter 1: Meteor Shower
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In 1971 fiery Madelyn Tremaine graduates from a small Colorado high school and blows out of her stormy life into the siren song of professional acting. Talented and angry, she opens the door to the love and sensuality that enrich and confuse her journey.

“Captivating and powerfully engaging, Meteor Shower is a sexy and elegantly written portrayal of the potency of the human spirit illuminated by a delightful sense of time and place.”

“It’s hot. Love the imagery and language. Landry’s character is delicious.”

FD2coverFire Drifter 2: Trails          

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She’s a mountain girl on a high-speed run—racing time, racing cars, finding love in the historic Opera House, following her heart. After losing herself in the arms of her lover, a man she knows she must let go, Maddie begins her journey to herself.

“In Fire Drifter 2: Trails, Carol Bellhouse takes us on a captivating journey of discovery and challenge through the eyes and insatiable spirit of Madelyn Tremaine. From all-consuming love to the realization of a dream, Trails leads us through an unforgettable summer and leaves us longing to experience Maddie’s next adventures with her.”

FD3coverFire Drifter 3: The Vessel
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“An instant shot of adrenaline, thick and hot, races through my veins. I power slide through the turns. The drive train takes the Camaro into opposite lock, shredding rubber, surging horsepower. The engine howls, fueled by passion. I burn into the night, finding my way.”

As her home town recedes in the rear view mirror, Madelyn Tremaine leaps into her dream—a small but savory role in a flashy Foster Lane film. She throws herself into this one chance, immersing in storyboards, boomshots and hitting the mark. Apprenticed in the movie industry, Maddie embraces new sensuality and love.

“The third book captures us just as surely as the first two. With top-notch writing, Carol weaves her magic yet again.”

“A seductive invitation to 1971. The author has a mesmerizing knack for writing an era long gone.”

“New Adult fans—take notice of this one! Love these shot-out-of-a-cannon characters!”

“Go, Maddie!”

VDcoverVegas Dynasty: The Story of Darwin Lamb
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The Lambs were the Kennedys of Vegas, movers and shakers in a town cutting its teeth on wealth and power. When Bill Lamb was killed in a horse wreck in 1939, his eleven children climbed from tragedy to dominance. Often on horseback and always ready for a good story or a good fight, they were the most powerful family in Las Vegas for five decades. Darwin was a little boy when his father died at 46, the age at which his father before him died, also in a horse accident. Darwin trapped for pelts and raised orphan lambs to help the family survive. He lived through a heart attack at 18 and went on to succeed in politics, business, movies, music, rodeos and hunting. In his time, he saw it all. This is the riveting story of his life and a history of the Lambs and Vegas.

ELcoverEstate and Legacy
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How will you be remembered? An innovative approach to end-of-life issues shines in these compassionate stories. The integration of estate planning, advocacy and biography is ground-breaking. It’s a new way of thinking about how to die. While people’s financial estates are important, their legacy is even more so, protecting forever their history and wisdom. This account gives insight and understanding into a comprehensive idea and service whose time has come. “A remarkably profound perspective…”


Theater Shorts: Free Plays for Adults.

Free plays. Three of them. Two adult actors. Short and intense.

In “Leaving,” a long-married couple grapples with the death of their daughter.

“Note” escalates as a mysterious man encounters a stranger on the night before a horrifying event.

Lovers are given an hour to finish a conversation left hauntingly undone for many years in “Vestiges.”

“Extraordinary and forceful pieces for the stage.”
“Blown away by the vivid writing. Staged or readers theater, these plays burn.” Buy on Amazon

TS2coverTheater Shorts 2: Free Plays for Teens

Free plays. Teen actors. Written for staged or readers theater performances. “Meteor Shower” – Born on a fiery night, Tammy breaks free of her fear and confines and jumps into her future. “Stacy” – The true story of a multiply-handicapped girl who overcomes her limitations and doubts with the help of a dancing sidekick. “Cross Roads” – Four playmates in a sandbox explore their choices in life—each path leading to different ends. Buy on Amazon

TS3coverTheater Shorts 3: Free Plays for Kids

Free plays. For kids. Lots of fun and easy to stage.

“Dragons in Denver” – a lively adventure about a 12-year-old skateboarder, a witch, a dragon and a unicorn.

“Ghosts in the Graveyard” – Children from the 1800s play their favorite games and uncover the joy and hardships of living in an old mining town. Buy on Amazon


Driving North: A Novel and a PlayDriving_North_Cover_for_Kindle

A road trip for a couple goes awry when the husband dies of a heart attack on a lonely stretch of New Mexico highway.
Not knowing what else to do, the dazed widow drives him home to Colorado, saying what has been unspoken between them for 35 years — the memories, regrets, anger and humor of an unsettled relationship.
Based on a true story, the author also provides a script for performance as a stage-play.
“A dead guy in the front seat makes for a wild ride with vivid imagery.”
“Funny and tumultuous, this one hits a nerve.”Buy on Amazon


A_Ferry_to_Catch_Cover_for_KindleA Ferry to Catch: Daufuskie Island

Questioning her life and career, an overworked paramedic boards a ferry headed to a barrier island.

The sea air and soaring birds captivate her attention until a blue-eyed man appears. They embark on a Daufuskie Island adventure together–visiting the old cemeteries, eating lunch in a golf cart and speaking of the Gullah people.

But when the man turns gloomy and silent, she leaves him standing under the Spanish moss. She’s had enough of sullen men and opts out for an afternoon alone.

Her solitude is interrupted when he catches up with her and confides his story.

Photographs of the island by Lem Chesher and the author.

“A romance novel with pictures—I love it!”

“A true page-turner. The photographs of Daufuskie are great!” Buy on Amazon


Places to Hide: San Miguel de Allende

image“This can’t be my life. I should be rocking on a porch without a care in the world.”

But it didn’t turn out that way for the Baby Boomers who lost it all in the economic collapse of 2008. As the middle class in American disappeared, they became renegades, fugitives on the lam.

Based on a true story, a 60-year-old realtor escapes her destruction and flees to Mexico in a rusty pickup. San Miguel de Allende awaits, a city of cascading flowers and cobblestone streets.

She’s a woman on the run, aided by the wisdom of Sanjuro, a Samurai action hero. Learning to live again, she encounters the devastating beauty of Mexico, an old burro named Abuela and the strength of women who have survived.

“It’s Eat Pray Love with middle-aged grit. This one stings exquisitely.” Buy on Amazon


Navajo Whisperer

Navajo WhispererA solitary woman driving across a Southwestern Indian reservation finds herself strangely attracted to an alluring Navajo apparition.

The encounter challenges her abandonment of the native ways learned as a child from an old medicine man and revives a prophetic warning.

“Subtle and unique, a story that shimmers.”

“The photos are fantastic!”  Buy on Amazon




Storm Tunnel

storm tunnelIn a suicide pact to escape their parents, a young girl leads her two brothers into raging waters.
Catapulted out and half-dead, they make their way to New Orleans, hiding and carving out resourceful lives with the help of blind old Miss Tulie. As the shifting of the magnetic poles begins to transform the world, the future rushes forward with strange and unforeseen consequences.

“A courageous runaway survival story.”
“A tale of heart-rending adventure and science fiction.”

Buy on Amazon

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