Stage and Screenplay

Vegas Knights: Casino dealers in the 1970s face the challenges of a decadent lifestyle involving gambling, sex, drugs and the Mob.

Crystal Carnival: In an 1880s palace of ice, a prostitute running from danger finds true love; based on a true story.

Marilyn: When an unhappy spinster transforms into Marilyn Monroe, life changes dramatically.

Dragons in Denver: A witch transports a mouthy punk on a skateboard back four hundred years to face dragons, swordsmen and his own fears.

Guido, My Guardian Angel: When life takes a wrong turn for a guileless woman, Guido appears from the hereafter to dispose of the bodies.

Vestiges: Given one hour, lovers struggle to deal with the violence that has locked him away forever.

Ghosts in the Graveyard: Children playing an antiquated game discover hard truths about living and dying in the 1880s.

Anorexic Psycho Killers of Leadville: For a century, the women of a small town have massacred their men; the Pentagon must find a way to stop it before it spreads.

Stacy: The true story of a determined girl stricken by a bizarre syndrome that wraps her body in uncontrolled vein growth.

Driving North: When her husband suddenly dies on a road trip, a constrained widow must get him home, reconciling her rage and sorrow along the way.

The Vessel: After falling for a hometown boy, a shy teacher must fight for her life when the supernatural interferes.

Meteor Shower: A willful young woman braves the challenges of her unusual birth, falling from a tree branch and her future.

Note: A musician facing an amputation encounters a mysterious man who challenge her beliefs.

Edge: A snow-boarding athlete risks everything to excel in his sport and win competitively.

Strawberries, Brooms and Pelicans: Fanciful stained glass windows spring to life in the telling of their stories.

Kill for You: A hardened detective and a rookie cop must crack a series of murders hallmarked by obsession and lust.

Leaving: When her daughter is killed and her husband’s anger overwhelms her, a woman chooses to drive away.

Ice: The true story of a businessman who dreamed and dared to build an impossible edifice.

Dancing in the Sand: A head-strong nurse paralyzed in an accident overcomes all opposition to walk again; a true story.

Missing Pieces: When an avalanche traps an urban family, they must survive against cold, starvation, wind and conflict.

Snow Scent: A blind man finds the mother who put him up for adoption thirty years before.

The Millionaire Game: If you win the lottery, what would you do?

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