Photo of Fire by Carol BellhouseYou come to me in
Dreams at night
In the snapping of the
Logs afire
In the quiet stillness of
Big fat fluffy snowflakes

There are no lights
But stars
The sheen of moon
On curtains

The real you is a
Thousand miles away
Tired and angry
Cold and closed
Locked in for eternity

But I—
I have the best of you
When you slip through the
Bars of your dark prison
And hold me in the
Meadow by the
Silvery alpine lake

The way it was supposed to be
The way it was set out
On ancient stone
Millennia ago

You come to me
When I close my eyes
Appearing through all that
Separates us—the madness
Gothic horror, shadowy veils

In dream-state you touch
My face
You trace my skin with
Your fingertips
You love me
Purely, sweetly
With fervent kisses

Because that is
What should have happened
But didn’t
And the gods know it