Touch-and-go landing
You show up every few years
Sometimes two, sometimes ten
With those brown eyes
Rimmed with green
Eyes that stole my
Heart at fifteen
And hold it still
 Some forty years hence
It is seamless and stunning
As the tires brush and smoke
You now have gray hair
I laugh at your memories
And you kiss me
Just the same
You are good for three days
The way it’s always been
Unsafe to be grounded for long
Too dangerous for mortals
 Which we are
After all
Flesh and blood
Perfect fit
It drives us insane
It can’t be like this
For more than a set of hours
 Touch down
Throttle and go
We close our eyes as we
Open our hearts
We love again
Because tomorrow will
Prove too much
We will touch our fingertips
On the tarmac and turn–
Touch and go