Free Day

March 18 will be free download day for my new book, Poems for New Mexico. This makes seven books total! My goal for 2014 is to finish Fire Drifter 3, 4 and 5 in the series so watch for those! And I will also be unveiling a brand new series about a sixty-year old woman on the run from America.

Poems for New Mexico


 The rain comesSplashing theWindow inVertical strokesThunder to the


Photo: The rain comesSplashing theWindow inVertical strokesThunder to the northPassing over the peaksCarrying the heavy dropsLeaving the light ones hereWatching theDarkness blanket theValley cooled meI pull on a fleeceTeapot whistlingI remember my dreamThe weight of your handsOn my hips and bellyMy body’s response toYour absenceI feel youWhen you’re notYou’re northThe direction of the rainClosing overThe hundred milesDrafting the currentsThe clouds will find youThe chill Creeping up your neckYou’ll pause inYour day andThink ofMy heatThe taste ofMy skinOn yourTongueIf I rode inOn the cloudsI could reachYou by noonDrenching you in theTorrent ofMy desire andHeavy rainThe rain comes
Splashing the
Window in
Vertical strokes

Thunder to the north
Passing over the peaks
Carrying the heavy drops
Leaving the light ones here

Watching the
Darkness blanket the
Valley cooled me
I pull on a fleece

Teapot whistling
I remember my dream
The weight of your hands
On my hips and belly

My body’s response to
Your absence
I feel you
When you’re not

You’re north
The direction of the rain
Closing over
The hundred miles

Drafting the currents
The clouds will find you
The chill 
Creeping up your neck

You’ll pause in
Your day and
Think of
My heat

The taste of
My skin
On your

If I rode in
On the clouds
I could reach
You by noon

Drenching you in the
Torrent of
My desire and
Heavy rain

Photo of Fire by Carol BellhouseYou come to me in
Dreams at night
In the snapping of the
Logs afire
In the quiet stillness of
Big fat fluffy snowflakes

There are no lights
But stars
The sheen of moon
On curtains

The real you is a
Thousand miles away
Tired and angry
Cold and closed
Locked in for eternity

But I—
I have the best of you
When you slip through the
Bars of your dark prison
And hold me in the
Meadow by the
Silvery alpine lake

The way it was supposed to be
The way it was set out
On ancient stone
Millennia ago

You come to me
When I close my eyes
Appearing through all that
Separates us—the madness
Gothic horror, shadowy veils

In dream-state you touch
My face
You trace my skin with
Your fingertips
You love me
Purely, sweetly
With fervent kisses

Because that is
What should have happened
But didn’t
And the gods know it


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